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What Our Clients Say


"I have been a client of ZeroRizk Technologies for over a year. I had no idea what an IT company was able to accomplish before Brett entered my firm. We had years of IT dysfunction. Our previous IT provider failed to disucss IT strategy and planning. ZeroRizk changed all of that.
Brett came to our offices from a referral. He understood small business IT issues and the overwhelming fear the small business owner has of hardware and software unknowns. I see IT as taking your car to the mechanic and agreeing to fix whatever the mechanic says is broken. Brett comprehends this anxiety and works hard to overcome it. He freely shares his expansive and endless knowledge of computer networks, work stations, printers and systems. He educates the consumer so I felt I could make educated decisions with a little additional internet research.
Service could not be better! Brett is at our office a few times a month. He checks the diagnostic reports and makes minor fixes as needed. He checks in with my partner and I to ensure we have everything we need. He produced an IT plan and migrated my firm from PC to Apple and a cloud based CRM to better, more efficiently operate our business from any WiFi portal. Instead of killing 1,000 tress/day, we take our iPads to court and client meetings and use our digital system to practice criminal law. Whether our problems were big or small, Bret is immediate, thorough and professional in his attention to problem solving.
Personally, Brett is a personable intelligent overly charismatic IT consultant. We are fortunate to have him as a resource partner at Appelman Law Firm. 
My only misgiving in writing this testimonial is that others will learn of Brett and employ him, allowing ZeroRizk to grow and limit Brett's time with my firm. 


I cannot state more categorically how fortunate we are to have Brett and ZeroRizk Technologies behind our firm's computer infrastructure.

Avery Appelman Owner, Managing Partner, Appelman Law Firm LLC



"When we set up our new law firm, Zero Rizk Technologies had the answer to all of our software and hardware needs.  Zero Rizk was able to accommodate our start date with very little lead time and adapt our technology to our new location so our computers and internet were up and running on day one, even without phone service!  Brett continues to provide us with the latest in security and technology to safeguard our client’s information and protect us from downtime.   We appreciate his expertise, dedication and customer service.  He never stops working!"

Susan Kadlec, Partner Jovanovich, Kadlec & Athmann PLLP



I contacted ZeroRizk because our current IT service provider quit and our business was in need of a new service provider ASAP.  Brett responded quickly, evaluating our current technology and pointing out how our environment had been neglected and needed a complete refresh to include back ups of our office so that our productivity would not be effected.  We will continue to use ZeroRizk.  They have recommended some great programs and services for us to use in our business and they have helped tremendously.  Their rates are very reasonable and I feel when I am served it is personal to my office and they truly care about my business."

Chad Pratt, CEO Rehabilitation Consultants PA



Brett Rizk with ZeroRizk Technologies manages our technology 24/7/365 and is always available if there is an issue.  Prior to working with them, we had hired and fired other IT service providers. They initially upgraded, maintained and monitored our existing equipment to create a better technology platform for our law firm’s needs.  Our main goal as a growing office was to have remote access regardless of where we physically were.   We now have remote access to our office 24 hours a day, which increases our productivity immensely.  ZeroRizk now provides our office nonstop network support along with any other technical issues we call them with. If you want an IT service provider that's always there for you, we highly recommend the experts at ZeroRizk Technologies."
Adina Bergsgrom, Partner, Sauro & Bergstrom, PLLC
"We are a unique manufacturing company that provides businesses nationwide industrial marking and identification for their products.  We were looking for an IT service provider who would take the time to understand our product and provide predictable managed IT services.  Not just IT support but consult, resolve and integration support for our products and the businesses we support.  Consistently, Brett has provided quality solutions and service, helping our business to move forward and always with our size and needs in mind. I highly recommend him and his team to do excellent IT work at affordable prices and to deliver on time."
Mark Koethe, Owner, High-Mark Systems
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